Ready to get Scared? – Potters Style!

Calling all avid thrill seekers! Wondering what to do on Halloween?

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Okay I really gotta say…if you are into a true Halloween experience, a bone-chilling, skin-tingling, noise-amplifying FRIGHT, I recommend going to Potter’s House of Horrors! This place by far has the best effects, actors and overall participation from staff. Its not uncommon to have actors in character bombarding you through the house, and my goodness did I ever get frightened once the adrenaline kicked in! The ambiance, and theme between the two houses (YES, TWO HOUSES. As if one wasn’t enough) is completely thought-out and uniquely decorated. For those of you that get easily frightened, I would say you need to sit back on this one, but if you are a daredevil and live for the thrill of terror, I would strongly recommend this Halloween activity!

Both Houses when you step in, are completely pitch black. The visual effects are insane, with everything from motion sensors, fog and sounds tailored to each room you enter. Overall, each house was roughly 15-20 minutes to walk through, and the staff do a great job at separating each group that enters. The best part is that you are completely alone (just you and who you came with), and have no idea what is up next. The actors even separate you from your group and follow you around while you enter other rooms. On top of everything, the characters that are embedded between the walls, act as a great added visual for someone who is thinking they are “not able to be frightened”. [Insert mildly overconfident sentence here] then check yourself, because even the ‘anti-Halloween spirit-ers’ have been known to walk out of the chicken doors.

Courtesy of Potters House of Horrors/Facebook

Courtesy of Potters House of Horrors/Facebook

Check them out! Potters House of Horrors. They are open now through to Halloween, you can see below for more information:

Who: YOU!
When: Everyday in October, through to October 31st: 7:00PM to 10:00PM (Certain dates open later)
Where: 12530 72nd Avenue, Surrey BC; Potters Nursey
Cost: $15.99/Ticket (Or online for better pricing!)

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All in all, if you desire a little kick to your night that will have you looking behind your shoulder later, I would suggest you make a trip to the Potters House of Horrors! I’ll meet you there, but no guarantee if I will see you ever again [Muhahahahaha!]

Shout out to Potters Nursery & Daily Hive Vancouver for their creepy info and grizzly introduction!

  • Carly; Social Community Coordinator, Aquilini Centre