Holiday Parties Made Easy!

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Tis the season to have a holiday mixer or the in-laws over at your place: Not prepared? DON’T PANIC *Que Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy song*… I have you covered… and even including have a few useful tips to help make your night a success. Read more for ideas that don’t break the bank, read below!

Dinner Party or Cocktail:

Food: Potluck or BYOP

  • Tell your guests to bring platters, all quick and easy! BYOP (Bring your own platter… but share!
  • Oh no! Don’t tell me that Aunt Betty is not going to bring her famous Christmas jello dish!…. (Can I get a Hallelujah!) Potluck items are the best way plan a variety of dishes
  • You’re hosting, be in charge let people know you are open to new dishes BUT keepin’ it simple and easy is best (and more likely to be popular too)
  • You provide proteins (turkey/chicken etc) and ask your guests to bring the vegetable and carb dishes!
  • This also is a way for everyone to have something they enjoy #winning
  • I know this sounds funny, but TASTY on Youtube is my go to. Take a look at what they have to offer…


  • Drinks/Cocktail Feature, guests to bring a bottle to the table
  • If you prefer the more standard glass of wine or if you are more extravagant, why not have each guest bring a bottle of wine (Like Miss Frizzle said, sharing is caring!)
  • Holiday Negroni: Instead of an orange garnish with a cranberry & mint leave?
  • Candy Cane Martini: Peppermint Schnapps & an actual candy cane… oh man, why not? Can I get an #amen!
  • Dark & Stormy: Why not swap the ginger beer for cranberry ginger ale & mint? Could be interesting…also MINT is so ‘in’ right now
  • Give a Kick to your eggnog, with a dash of cinnamon flavoured Kahlua .. Mmmm
  • If you need some inspiration hit up this site below
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  • Do you have these killer ideas, but not wanting to invest in over the top décor?
  • Pinterest is my BIGGEST support or even Daily Hive!
  • No Fireplace? No problem, around this time of year, channel 3-6 (depending on your region etc) has a fire on repeat.. how cozy! Heat doesn’t come included though, sorry! #notsorry
  • Gather what you can outside, for a cute piece by piece of your dinner table

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  • Dessert entertainment, decorate your own cookies?
  • Bake sugar cookies and decorate them after
  • ‘Pin-on’ Christmas Sweater: Here is an idea… instead of coming to the party with an already #UGLYChristmas sweater…why not come with a plain sweater ready to be ugly-ified (yes.. not a word but you get it!)
  • All you need are some ornaments and some safety pins and BAM you have yourself a low-budget, yet ultra-stylish Christmas sweater

Making the night memorable:

  • Photo Op that’s Instagram worthy!
  • Download & print fun little props to use in your photos
  • Wrapping paper backdrop
  • iPhone tripod; Best #selfies!
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Christmas parties are always enjoyable with these fun little ideas here and there. If you feel the need to bring a gift, donate to your favourite charity and give your host a card with a message, “Your gift helped a child in need”, I doubt the host would object to that gesture and it’s for a great cause! Enjoy the amazing moments this holiday season has to offer by creating a great way to spread #cheer, and to enjoy the company of friends and family!

Shout out to Daily hive, Pinterest & Tasty for excellent ideas on my party-go-to’s, be sure to check them out!

  • Carly; Social Community Coordinator, Aquilini Centre