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As soon as the leaves start to ‘fall’, and we get into the ‘fall of the seasons’…(ha ha), we begin to start the concourse of attending events that create an overwhelming sensation of spirit. Being as Vancouver is keen on these opportunities, we are met with a few key MUST-GO’s for any seasonal Halloween activity! Without further ado, let us take a look into the very anticipated Vancouver’s classic theme park.

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The Halloween season would not be complete without a typical visit to Vancouver’s renowned #Playland. Fright Nights has been around since I was a kid, scaring the ones who have surpassed having a nightlight, back into the now sleeping in between their parents. In regards to the overall entertainment, yeah it is extremely overdone but never gets old! I always end up having some excitement going to Playland; maybe it’s the overdose of mini donuts or the internal numbing sensation from the rides, something about it keeps us thrilled! I have also found that even as an adult, this event is a must do. Especially, if you don’t mind the ‘grizzly ghouls from every tomb, closing in to seal your doom’(..oh MJ) kind of thing, I think you would be more then able to have fun! With over 8 haunted houses, and 15 can definitely keep frightened for hours!

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The map shows the general layout of the park, with a look into the haunted houses, numbered in red. For full information visit the website: Fright Nights. I do urge you to book ahead of time…it gets real busy the closer you get to Halloween. On a side note for the whole family… are you not into haunted houses Dad? Great.. there is a Sanitarium Bar at the back of the grounds, followed by an all ages Monsters of Schlock show right down from there. What better way to spend a night under the stars, then with vampires, zombies and witches to scare the living daylights out of you!


WHEN: Runs through to October 31st (Excluding 22/23) 7pm to Late!

WHERE: Playland; Pacific National Exhibition grounds

COST: Check website for pricing & availability


Sign me Up!… Worst case scenario, you warn your coworkers to not eat beforehand and grab a drink or two at the bar; before heading into the #AsylumHouse to experience what your worst fear is. (Could be worse…really) #cantfeelmyface #scared

Highly recommended, runs until October 31st with selected blackout dates. Check them out online: frightnights

……………..See you all there!…if you dare!!

A big thanks to Fright Nights, and JRFM for there spooky introduction!

  • Carly; Social Community Coordinator, Aquilini Centre