DOXA Film Festival

Hey Neighbours!

Are you a big movie lover like me? Do you love sitting down in the theatre and munching on delicious popcorn? Who doesn’t?! The one thing I don’t love about going to the movies anymore, is that these big blockbuster productions can be so predictable! Don’t get me wrong, I love a cheesy romantic comedy where the nerdy girl gets a makeover and dates the handsome popular boy who tells her he’s always loved her even before she got “pretty”, but sometimes, I find myself craving something a little more thought provoking and a little less mind-numbing. That’s why my newest go-to is the DOXA Film Festival!

The DOXA Film Festival is put on by the Documentary Media Society which is a local, Vancouver based non-profit, charitable society that is devoted to presenting independent and innovative documentaries to Vancouver audiences. Their mission with DOXA is “to support a better understanding of the complexity of our times through engaging the public in documentary media as an art form” and they are committed to cultivating curiosity and critical thought, promoting the intersection of actuality and artistic expression and creating a local and international community with a shared interest in non-fiction media. There are a total of 82 films playing at the festival this year that touch on a wide variety of topics, a majority of them personal narratives, and they touch on environmental issues, women’s rights, human rights, the injustice and preconceived notions towards the LGBTQ community, family matters, life and death and so much more.

Tickets, the film schedule, and further information about DOXA are available on their website; or (604) 646-3200. The films began showing last night, May 2nd and run through to May 12th at various theatres around Vancouver. Some select films will be followed with discussion panels and chances to meet the filmmakers! GA tickets are priced at $15.

If you have any further questions regarding the festival, please do not hesitate to send me a private message here on bazinga!

Happy film watching everyone!